Fee Payment Terms & Conditions - Bambini Early Learning Centres


Last updated: 25 June 2024


For parents to gain a clear understanding of Bambini’s fee policy ensuring children’s fees are paid in accordance with our terms and conditions and the processes around failure to pay fees on time.

Bambini fee structure includes:

1. Enrolment Fee & Bond Payment

  • Effective 16th August 2022, in order to secure a place, a $300 refundable bond payment per child is required.
  • Effective 16th August 2022, a $100.00 non-refundable administration fee is also payable per family.
  • The bond payment will be refunded to families after the last date of care and when all accounts are paid in full and no amounts are outstanding, including CCS payments. This might take up to 4 weeks.

2. General Fees

  • Fees are charged at a set daily rate.
  • Fees are payable weekly in advance
  • Fees are to be paid weekly via a direct debit payment service.
  • Families are charged for all days their child is booked into Bambini irrespective of their attendance due to illness, family holidays or public holidays.
  • Fees are charged on a full-day basis, regardless of the hours attended.
  • Casual days might incur a higher charge. 48hr cancellation notice is required for all casual bookings.

3. Child Care Subsidy and Gap Fees

  • The family may be entitled to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and must apply with the Australian government directly.
    Eligibility criteria for the Child Care Subsidy is available at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/child-care-subsidy
  • Each family’s gap fee amount varies depending on the family’s eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) provided by the Australian government.
  • The family must provide the child’s and the primary carer’s CRN (Customer Reference Number) to the Centre, as well as confirm their child’s enrolment with Bambini in MyGOV.
  • The CCS will be paid directly to Bambini on the family’s behalf. The family will be required to pay the ’gap’ being the difference between Bambini’s stated fee and Child Care Subsidy.
  • Full fees must be paid when a family is in the process of finalising their CCS with the Australian Government.
  • Please note that each child is entitled to a maximum of 42 allowable absence days per financial year. Once these allowable absences are exhausted, the family may no longer be eligible for the CCS on days when the child does not attend our Centre and must pay the full fees.
    Other special circumstances may lead to an increase in the child’s absences. More information is available at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/child-care-subsidy-if-your-child-absent-from-child-care?context=41186#whenyoucan.

4. Holiday Fee Discount

  • Bambini offers 2 weeks of Holiday Fees Discount per child on a pro rata basis based on their booked attendance, per calendar year.
  • A Holiday Fee Discount is a 50% reduction off the regular daily fee. The net fee payable by a family will be equal to the Holiday Fee less their Child Care Subsidy.
  • To apply for the Holiday Fee Discount, a written request with a 2-week period notice must be sent to the Centre Manager stating the inclusive dates they wish to have the discount applied.
  • Families must attend for a minimum of 6 months, before holiday fees can be utilised.
  • A Holiday Discount can not be applied during the termination notice period.

5. Sibling Fee Discount

  • Bambini offers a discount when more than one child from the same family are in the same service.
    The discount is applied as below:

    • For families with two children, a $10 per day discount will be applied to the older child.
    • For families with three children, a $20 per day discount will be applied to the oldest child, $10 per day discount applied to the middle child.

6. Public Holidays

  • Fees apply to all gazetted Public Holiday expect for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

7. Payment of Fees

  • Fees are payable using payment gateway provided by an unrelated third-party service.
  • All merchant fees associated with the family account payment are charged to the family. These fees include but not limited to credit card fees, direct debit fees, dishonour fees as well as dispute fees.
  • A dishonour fee will apply for direct debit transactions where there are insufficient funds to cover the fees. This fee is not charged by Bambini but by the direct debit service provider.
  • Your statement will be available on the Bambini App.
  • Fees will be reflected on parents’ bank statements as payments made to “YORK MANAGEMENT SERVICES”. York Management Services is the management and administration entity within the Bambini Group.
  • Should you dispute the transaction with your bank and lose, you will be liable for any dispute fees incurred by Bambini.

8. Late Fees

  • If a child is collected after the service closing time, a late fee will apply. A fee of $15.00 per 10 minutes block and part thereof will be charged.
  • This late charge will be added to the family fee account for payment.

9. Failure to Pay

  • If a family fails to pay the required fees on time, a reminder will be issued after one week and then again after two weeks.
    Where the fees are still outstanding after two weeks, a child’s position may be terminated or suspended.
  • If payment has not been made after three weeks, the child’s position will be terminated. At this time Bambini will also initiate its debt collection procedure. You will be liable for any recovery costs in addition to the outstanding amount.

10. Financial Difficulties

  • If a family is experiencing financial difficulties, they may be eligible for additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) through Centrelink.
  • Should you experience financial difficulties please advise your Centre Manager and Bambini can assist you in the application of the additional government support.

11. Change of Fees

  • Fees are subject to review at any time.
  • Bambini will provide a minimum of 4 weeks written notice of any change to our fees.

12. Changes or Reduction of Booked Days

  • Where a change is required to a child’s booked days, 2 weeks’ written notice must be provided to the Centre Manager.
  • Where a change is required to a child’s casual booking, 48 hours written notice must be provided to the Centre Manager.
  • In instances where enrolment has been confirmed and a family chooses to cancel the enrolment, please refer to the Termination of Enrolment policy.
  • No Commencement: If care is no longer needed, a two-week written notice must be submitted, ensuring a full bond refund. Failure to provide a two-week notice will result in only 50% of the bond being refunded. Exceptions may apply under certain exceptional circumstances.
  • Change of Start Date: The start date can be adjusted once and must occur within two weeks of the initially scheduled start date. Requests for multiple changes or changes to start dates more than two weeks away may lead to the termination of the enrolment.

13. Termination of Enrolment

  • Parents are required to provide 2 weeks’ written notice of their intention to terminate their child’s position at Bambini.
  • The child is required to attend their 2 weeks’ notice period to be eligible for CCS entitlements otherwise full fee is payable. More information on CCS Cessation of Care is available at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/child-care-subsidy-if-your-child-absent-from-child-care?context=41186
  • Failure to provide 2 weeks’ written notice will result in the family paying the daily fee as per the enrolment record for two weeks.
  • The bond payment will be refunded to families after the last date of care and when all accounts are paid in full and no amounts are outstanding, including CCS payments. This might take up to 4 weeks.

Bambini Terms and Conditions are subject to updates at any time.