Childcare Staff - Bambini Early Learning Centre | Doncaster East



Claudia Elliot

Centre Manager

Dear Bambini families

My name is Claudia and I have been working in Early Childhood for over 19 years. I have been a Centre Manager for more than 14 years and in the last 8 years I worked for City of Whitehorse.

I enjoy working with children as it is a very rewarding experience to be part of their growth and development. I have been so lucky to see so many children becoming independent and strong individuals as they have developed new skills to take with them to their new Primary School journey.

It inspires me to continue to strive for exceeding practices and to mentor my team to be the best educators they can be by facilitating and making each child’s learning a positive experience.


Kaitlyn Sutherland

Assistant Centre Manager

I have accumulated a decade of experience in the Early Childhood Industry, working in various roles that involve different age groups and developmental stages of children. My foremost goal is to consistently create a warm, inviting and nurturing environment for all children and their families.

In my role as Assistant Centre Manager, I am committed to collaborating closely with our management team to support, mentor and guide our team here at Bambini Doncaster East. Our aim is to provide the most enriching and exciting environment possible for each child, ensuring that every family and child feels welcomed, safe, and secure within our service. I firmly believe that as Early Childhood Professionals, it’s essential to establish a space that resembles a ‘home away from home,’ just as we do at Bambini Doncaster East.

I am dedicated to building strong connections within our local community and am truly passionate about fostering relationships with children, families and educators. By working together, we can offer a comprehensive and high-quality approach to children’s development and readiness for school.

Joy Shields

Joy Shields

Joy Shields

Curriculum Coordinator

I am Joy Shields, and I have dedicated more than 40 years of my career to the Early Childhood field. Before joining Bambini Early Learning, I held positions at the City of Yarra, Greensborough Tafe Early Learning Centre, and the City of Whitehorse.

Working collaboratively with families to be a part of a child’s learning journey is an incredible opportunity. Encouraging and supporting children to express themselves and listening to their innocence can sometimes offer us the chance to learn something new and gain a fresh perspective. Establishing a learning environment where children can explore, investigate, create, learn and question is a vital component of our curriculum, enabling them to make choices and chart their own educational path.

Guiding children in developing their confidence and self-esteem through respectful, play-based learning experiences nurtures in them a sense of individual worth. This approach lays a sturdy foundation to support their social and emotional development, which will serve them well in the future.

In my role as Curriculum Coordinator, my objective is to provide support to both Management and all Educators on their extraordinary journey with children. I aim to share my knowledge, continuously expand my understanding, and explore opportunities within our community that we can explore or incorporate into the Bambini Family.